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SCUBA offers a wide variety of scuba classes.
Ranging from beginners scuba certification to advanced, rescue diver, master, all the way up to dive instructor. A large array of specialty courses are also available including Nitrox, wreck diving, photography and much more.




Each course is taught by Scott Creamer himself with class size limited to 8 students for maximum personal attention.


NAUI Worldwide


SCUBA is a certified NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) affiliate and is committed to the highest standards of training and education.






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Monterey ocean entrance under the watchful eye of the instructor, Scott Creamer

Briefing before entering the ocean

starting out: SCUBA Diver


This is the place to start discovering the underwater world. Includes full scuba certification, which allows you to rent scuba equipment and obtain air fills around the world.




continuing: ADVANCED


The ADVANCED CLASS is to improve your overall knowledge and skills in the water. Perfect continuation to the Open Water class or to refresh old scuba knowledge.




continuing: MASTER


The MASTER CLASS is an continuation from the Advanced Class and helps you acquire leadership-level academic knowledge.






SCUBA also teaches many specialty courses, including rescue diver, wreck diving, deep water diving, underwater photography & video, underwater hunting and collecting, night diving, Nitrox, kelp, dry suit, boat, search & recovery and many more.



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