SCUBA COURSES: Master Scuba Diver





The NAUI Master Scuba Diver Card signifies that you have achieved the highest level of recreational diving. The challenging, comprehensive training program leading to Master Scuba Diver certification gives you the in-depth knowledge and confidence to take on more demanding diving adventures.


To qualify for the Master Scuba class you have to have completed the NAUI Advance class or have similar qualifications.
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Course Description




To receive a Master Certification Card students will have to pass a written exam and satisfactory complete the eight ocean dives.


Required Dives

Dive Emergency procedures and rescue

Deep/simulated decompression diving

Limited visibility or night diving

Underwater navigation

Search and recovery- light salvage





Underwater instruction.

Learning about the ocean wonders.

Course Cost


Call for cost & availability



Personalized Classes


To meet your special needs


SCUBA can customize a private or personalized class to fit your needs and schedule.


Elective Dives


Skin diving


Review of basic scuba skills


Environmental study or survey


Air consumption (practical application)


Boat diving


Shore diving

Hunting and collecting


Special interest



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