Discover and explore a new world as a qualified NAUI scuba diver. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your NAUI Certification Card is proof that you've received the finest entry-level recreational diver training available.
The NAUI Scuba Diver Course will teach you everything you need to be a responsible, self-reliant diver.


After successfully completing a series of academic, pool and open water sessions you will receive your NAUI Scuba Diver Certification Card. Respected around the world, the Certification Card gives you access to diving services and rental equipment reserved solely for adventurers with your unique training and qualifications.

Course Description




To receive a Certification Card students will have to complete all necessary homework and pass a written and final open water exam (includes five ocean dives).


Orientation Evening


Before the actual instructions starts, students are required to attend an introduction evening. This is the time for any questions to be answered, required equipment may be purchased, and fitting for provided gear is done.


Classroom / Pool Sessions


Over the time of the course, there will be six 3 hour sessions, of which two will be classroom and four will be pool sessions.
Students are required to study the instruction book at home and will have to pass a written test at the end of class.


Open Water


The final class is an Open Water weekend held in Monterey, CA. Students will perform all learned skills in the ocean during 5 different check-out dives.


Personalized Classes


To meet your special needs


SCUBA can customize for you a private or personalized Open Water class to fit your needs and schedule.


Briefing before entering the ocean.

Relaxing between dives, while listening to dive stories.

Rough water exit under the watchful eye of the instructor, Scott Creamer

Course Cost


All-inclusive package $499.99

Includes - Tuition, Student Kit   (E-Learning), use of all equipment for pool and ocean and certification card.

 *Gas, food, lodging and air fills in  Monterey not included


Course Cost


SCUBA Diver Course


Student material

$ 95 


Total Course Cost



Supplied Equipment

The following equipment is included with the course cost to use during classes:


Wet Suit & Hood

BC (Buoyancy Control Device)

Weight Belt




Required Equipment

The following equipment is required by each student to have (all can be purchased during the intro class): fins, mask, snorkel, boots and gloves.


Basic Personal Equipment



Tank Refills

Each student is responsible for the tank refills during the Open Water weekend:


4 refills @ $8



Estimated Total Cost


Course cost plus equipment
(Costs depends on equipment students chooses to buy)






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