As a NAUI certified scuba diver you've experienced the thrill of diving, now consider the next step!
Advanced Scuba Diver training lets you explore new dive sites and diving activities under the supervision of your instructor.


During this class of intense in-the-water instructions you'll learn more about diving's challenges and diversity. You will gain confidence and experience, and you will learn more about the many opportunities the sport has to offer.

Course Description




To receive an Advanced Certification Card, students will have to pass a written exam and complete the six ocean dives.


Required Dives


SCUBA requires each student to become more efficient in navigational diving and compass reading. We do a night dive to become more comfortable in low and no light conditions. We also do a deep dive between 60 and 100 feet .


Activity Dives


After the core dives the student has the choice of 3 specialty dives, which can include boat, wreck, hunting & collecting, naturalist, photography & video, and many other special activity dives.


Deep water dive from a boat

Underwater instruction

Course Cost


$300.00 plus books and any equipment you might need.

Boat charter fees not included.

See schedule for current dates!


Personalized Classes


To meet your special needs


SCUBA can customize a private or personalized Advanced class to fit your needs and schedule.



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